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Founded in 1994, Netropole Inc. is a premier provider of Microsoft SharePoint, MOSS, and SharePoint 2010 integrations and upgrades.

Getting More From SharePoint

Over the years we have found that clients running SharePoint are only getting 20% of the business value that SharePoint has to offer using the default installation.

Users want more and know that they can get more from SharePoint, but do not have the resources or experience to get there themselves. That is where we come in.

What Makes Us Different

Netropole views SharePoint clients differently than our competition - at least we think so.

Instead of seeing how much we can charge in the shortest period of time, we evaluate clients on the basis of how they fit our business model. You see, we are interested in clients who take a measured approach to solving their business problems and are interested in a long-term relationship because they know that SharePoint is core to their continued business success and are interested in working with a team who are not only star SharePoint Developers, but who always think in terms of what is best for their clients, and not themselves.


Netropole inc. is portland oregon’s best sharepoint development and integration company

Thinking of Upgrading SharePoint?

If you are running previous version of SharePoint including WSS or MOSS and are thinking about upgrading to SharePoint 2010, call us at: 503-241-3499 for a free consultation. We will give you practical advice on how to migrate to SharePoint 2010 with minimum time, energy, and risk. For more information on migrating to SharePoint 2010, visit our Portland SharePoint 2010 Migration page.


Does this make us the most expensive SharePoint development and support company in town? Far from it. We have always run the company lean, and focus on delivering maximum results for minimum investment. Sound hard to believe? Give us a call at: 503-241-3499 and we will be happy to provide references to back us up.

SharePoint Integration

Netropole Inc. has extensive experience in SharePoint integrations including:

  1. Bullet    InfoPath to SharePoint Integrations

  2. Bullet    Exchange and Outlook to SharePoint Integrations

  3. Bullet    SQL Server to SharePoint Integrations

  4. Bullet    QuickBooks to SharePoint Integrations

  5. Bullet    and more...

For more information on SharePoint, MOSS, and SharePoint 2010 integrations, have a look at our SharePoint Integration page.

Need Help with Your SharePoint, MOSS, or SharePoint 2010 Project?

Give us a call at:  503-241-3499, Monday-Friday from 8-5 PST. The first hour is on us so that we both have a

no-risk opportunity to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Call us with any SharePoint questions:   503-241-3499