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Some of our favorite types of projects involve integrating SharePoint with other line of business applications like Microsoft Dynamics AX, Solomon, QuickBooks, and many other systems. In addition to building Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards and scorecards, we are able to both pull and push data back and forth between SharePoint and other systems.

Why Would You Want To Integrate SharePoint With Your Legacy Applications?

One of the reasons is that instead of paying for full licenses for users who only use a fraction of an application’s functionality, we can create SharePoint interfaces that provide the functionality that they need and skip the costs of a complete application license, training, and all of the additional costs related to deploying legacy applications.


sharepoint integration with line of business applications

Thinking of Upgrading SharePoint?

If you are running previous version of SharePoint including WSS or MOSS and are thinking about upgrading to SharePoint 2010, call us for a free consultation. We will give you practical advice on how to migrate to SharePoint 2010 with minimum time, energy, and risk. For more information on migrating to SharePoint 2010, visit our Portland SharePoint 2010 Migration page.

SharePoint Integration

Netropole Inc. has extensive experience in SharePoint integrations including:

  1. Bullet    InfoPath to SharePoint Integrations

  2. Bullet    Microsoft Dynamics AX Integrations

  3. Bullet    Exchange and Outlook to SharePoint Integrations

  4. Bullet    SQL Server to SharePoint Integrations

  5. Bullet    QuickBooks to SharePoint Integrations

  6. Bullet    and more...

Do You Need Help With Your SharePoint, MOSS, or SharePoint 2010 Project?

Give us a call at:  503-241-3499, Monday-Friday from 8-5 PST. The first hour is on us so that we both have a

no-risk opportunity to see if we are a good fit for each other.

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In some cases, you can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in new application deployment costs by using SharePoint to extend the functionality of your legacy applications. Old systems like MAS 90, MAS 200, QuickBooks, Peachtree, and even home-grown applications, can return to delivering the business value that they once did by using SharePoint and other Microsoft tools like InfoPath to breathe new life into them, rather than replace them.

Netropole Uses SharePoint Integration Every Day

Netropole uses SharePoint for Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting by pulling information from an Able Commerce

E-Commerce platform, QuickBooks Accounting, and Microsoft Exchange. This at a glance, on demand view of Key Performance Indicators (KPI), gives us the information that we need to make sound business decisions.

Additionally, we are on the process of rolling out a SharePoint interface to QuickBooks time tracking that will allow our network engineers access to time accounting from any device; laptop, tablet, iPad, Android, or smart phone without the need for additional QuickBooks licenses.

For more information on these solutions, or if you would like to see a demo of them at work, please call Netropole at:  503-241-3499

Getting More from SharePoint

Over the years we have found that clients running SharePoint are only getting a fraction of the business value that SharePoint has to offer using the default installation.

If you would like to maximize the business value of SharePoint in your company, call Netropole at:  503-241-3499, Monday-Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and ask for Dave or Randy.

What Makes Us Different

Located in Portland, Oregon and founded in 1994, Netropole Inc. is a premier provider of Microsoft SharePoint, MOSS, and SharePoint 2010 installations, branding and skinning, systems integrations and SharePoint upgrades.